Pinot Gris Buntstück

White wine Overview

    VDP. GUTSWEINE are good, entry-level wines in the VDP’s hierarchy which consistently links wine quality with origin. The wines originate from an estate’s holdings within a region, and they meet the stringent standards prescribed by the VDP.

  • Wine / Character

    yellow pear and apple - a bit of raisins - very well balanced acidity and mouthfeel

  • Ground / Terroir Colored Sandstone

    The lower trias or colored sandstone is the main soil in palatinate. Its different colours are caused by different levels of iron oxide. It is a sandy soil with a decent nutrition reservoir. A very good soil for Riesling and Pinots. Wines which grow on this soil are often marked by yellow fruit flavours.

  • Maturation / Gathering

    hand-picked - sorted on sorting table - destamped - maceration -

  • Recommendded food

    a wine for every day

  • Drinking temperature

    8 - 10 °C

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