Mandelberg Pinot Blanc

White wine Overview

    VDP. GROSSE LAGE marks and singles out the very best vineyards of Germany, within which the finest parcels of land have been narrowly demarcated. With their site-specific characteristics, these wines are particularly expressive and have exceptional ageing potential. They are planted with traditional varieties best suited to a particular site, as determined by each region. A dry wine from a VDP. GROSSE LAGE is designated VDP. GROSSES GEWÄCHS and labeled “Qualitätswein trocken”. A wine with natural, ripe sweetness from a VDP. GROSSE LAGE is labeled with one of the traditional Prädikats categories: Kabinett, Spätlese, Auslese, Beerenauslese, Eiswein or Trockenbeerenauslese.

  • Wine / Character

    The nose of the wine is marked by pure fruit especially mirabelle and pear are showing strongly.
    The aroma is completed with smoky and stony smells. On the palate the wine has a lot of power but
    at the same time appears to be very elegant. The acidity gives the wine structure and a long finish.
    A fresh wine that shows cool climate characteristics. Without a doubt a wine that shows where it is from.

  • Ground / Terroir Lime Stone

    The Lime Stone soil is a heavy solil which is composed out of stony clay mixed with limestones.This soil structure, which is similar to the soil structure in Burgundy provides perfect conditions especially for Pinot Blanc and other burgundian grape varieties. It has a good water holding capacity and a good nutrition depot.

  • Maturation / Gathering

    hand-picked - sorted on sorting table - destamped - cold maceration - pressed - fermented in stainless steal - yeast contact until Mai

  • Recommendded food

    Mediterranean cuisine - fish courses - pale meat

  • Drinking temperature

    8° - 10° C

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