Birkweiler Riesling from the red slate

White wine Overview

    VDP. ORTSWEINE originate from a village’s best vineyards that are planted with grape varieties typical of their region. A dry VDP. ORTSWEIN is labeled “Qualitätswein trocken”. A VDP. ORTSWEIN with natural, ripe sweetness is labeled with one of the traditional Prädikat categories.


  • Wine / Character

    herbal aromas mint and lemon grass - tropical fruit pineapple - well balanced great minerality - unique wine

  • Ground / Terroir Rotliegendes - Red Slate

    The red color is the significant characteristc for the Rotliegendes. The climate in which it developed was extremly dry and hot. Due to the oxidation of inorganic iron salts red and brown compounds evolved. Those compounds are mainly red slate a coumpound which is formed under heat and pressure. The high slate amount has not just a very big influence on the soil but also on the Rieslings vines that grow on this soil. The soil is poor and the plant has rather difficult growing conditions. The Riesling vine however develops extremly small berries on this soil and a highly branched root network. This is the reason why the wines from the Rotliegendes are greatly aromatic and show a strong minerality.

  • Maturation / Gathering

    hand-picked - sorted on sorting table - destamped - cold maceration - pressed - fermented in stainless steal

  • Recommendded food

    fish or pale meat - salads with fish or chicken

  • Drinking temperature

    10 °C

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